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The Simply Seafood DifferenceSavings. Flavor. Easy.


Great Value

Available in 3 sizes: 4oz Individual Pack, 16oz Family Pack and 32oz Value Pack


Healthful & Delicious

Vacuum-packed and frozen to seal flavor & freshness in all the way from us to your table!


Easy Preparation

Multiple cooking methods and full instructions on each package (more tips & recipes here)!.


Simply-Seafood-Swai-Fillet smA member of the catfish family, swai are farmed in freshwater farms in Southeast Asia, where they are a popular seafood staple. Now, thanks to the advances in modern aquaculture technology, they are one of the most widely consumed fish in the world, prized for their pearly white meat and mild flavor. Simply Seafood Swai are grown and processed under strict quality control guidelines in the most modern processing plants. They are hand filleted and flash frozen just hours after being harvested, ensuring that all their natural flavor is locked in. Swai are extremely versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways such as pan frying with panko bread crumbs or simply steaming with fresh herbs.

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Only from the Very Best Sources

All our wild seafood comes from pristine North Pacific waters. Farmed seafood comes from modern aquaculture facilities.

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Endless Possibilities

Our variety of seafood selections means you're sure to find the perfect choice. Use our recipes or your own to make dazzling meals for one or dinner party!

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Safe & Modern Processing

You can trust the quality of our seafood. All Simply Seafood products are processed and packed at modern facilities with the highest levels of quality control.